Use your Kata to analyze how time affects distance and speed.

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This Kata Lab will show you how your kata (a physical concept) can be used to analyze time (a non-physical concept) as a 4th dimension of distance in addition to the elements of length, width & height.

Three analytical tools will be used:

  1. Interim Kata Movements,
  2. Kata sequences; and
  3. Kata Rhythm

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"Think * Sweat * Experiment" with your Kata!

Sensei John Szmitkowski, J.D.

Sensei John M. Szmitkowski has 49 years of training and practicing Okinawa-based Karate-Do. In 1971 he began his training at age 10 in the Palisades Park, NJ Dojo of Shihan Thomas DeFelice, Ku-Dan, (ninth degree black belt) in Goshin-Do Karate-Do. To date, since the dojo opened in 1965, only twenty-four people have attained a black belt rank in this demanding style of karate. Sensei John is presently ranked as a Nana-Dan, (seventh degree black belt).

Sensei John's understanding of kata, the ritual forms of karate is profound. He had undertaken a deep exploration of kata resulting in a ground-breaking method of teaching certain, some may say sacred kata, to non-martial artists to promote physical and mental (spiritual) well-being. Sensei John is unique in this endeavor. Worldwide there are few who have such a rare ability to convert these ready kata into a life enhancing experience.

Academically, Sensei's highest level of education is a Juris Doctorate degree from Seton Hall University School of Law (1989). Sensei is a retired criminal defense attorney who now devotes a substantial part of his day exploring and teaching his methods.

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